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09-12-2019 13:52
Now youtube download Commodore 64

08-12-2019 22:20
I just realized I goofed up something on Meme Run. Lemme fix it real quick.

07-12-2019 22:17

07-12-2019 17:46
Please delete/disregard my Super Bomberman 2 PS4 longplay. I intend to rerecord it and will be named "PS4 - Super Bomberman R V2."

06-12-2019 22:04
i will more snes longplays on youtube

06-12-2019 18:03
Please upload PlayStation 4 for YouTube

06-12-2019 01:22
Yeah, the section should disappear sooner or later. Probably it was the cause of some longplays being on waiting queue (YT) for too long.

05-12-2019 22:28
That's good to hear. I also seem to remember something about some redoing with the Amiga and Commodore 64 games.

05-12-2019 22:19
nope. All new releases will be a suprise!!

05-12-2019 00:51
Is the YouTube Schedule going to be updated, or are the moderators waiting for COPPA to blow over?

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River City Interest
Gamer Guy Mike
Two Games I like to see for some river city multiplayer mayhem!!!👊💥 All Skills Are Welcome!🕹🎮 Needs to be played at the highest difficulty setting (doesn't have to be the best just do what you can and play to the very end)

How Many Easter Eggs Can You Find?🤔🙂

1.River Ctiy Underground 4P Co-op
2.River Ctiy Girls Co-op
Edited by Gamer Guy Mike on 05-12-2019 21:04
Always Playing Never Resting.Cool
Gamer Guy Mike

Just got a quick look at your rules for this forum and I've failed to show why these games are worth playing in Co-op😔 so here are some links to give you some ideas on what to expect from these two beat'me ups

River City Underground quick look:

River City Girls: First Impressions

River City Girls Unlocks:

I will edit so it will save you the trouble on looking for unlocks🖥 the only thing I can say at the moment is that river city girl has a new game+ where everything is much more challenging
Always Playing Never Resting.Cool
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