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30-03-2020 17:09
Please be patient guys. No matter if it takes months or years. Seriously.

30-03-2020 16:24
Upload youtube now!!

30-03-2020 12:10
Youtube schedule will be empty by tomorrow if you don't update it.

30-03-2020 02:21
Why did someone requested the Nintendo DS game?

29-03-2020 03:14
Why, yes! Did someone requested the DS Game?

28-03-2020 07:18
@Sophia9538: With all the tools available to record the games, why don't you do it yourself? Some people are just being impatient tbh.

28-03-2020 07:03
stop linking roms here

28-03-2020 06:19
I've requested Disney Princess Magical Jewels already. https://www.longp...po

28-03-2020 05:47
anybody else having problems uploading too

28-03-2020 01:04
@Tsunao: One of your future submissions reads 'Braeth', you might want to fix that. XD

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Tutorial for GameCube Longplays on Dolphin Emulator 5.0
Hey, it's Mariofan98 with a Tutorial for GameCube Longplays on Dolphin Emulator 5.0!

Because in the Thread "Recommended Emulators for Recording Longplays" is no Emulator for GameCube there so i maked a Tutorial for this with Dolphin Emulator 5.0!

1. Download Dolphin Emulator 5.0 and install it
2. After the first time opening unable Dual Core & Idle Skipping (that desyncs the movie)
3. Use in CPU Emulator Engine "JIT Recompiler"
4. Use in Graphics as Backend "OpenGL" and enable "Progressive Scan"
5. Use in Audio settings "DSP HLE emulation"
6. Choose the ROM and then record your Movie!
7. When you finished your Movie recording save the DTM-File to your C:-Drive, then you must delete the save file from the Memory Card in the Memcard Manager before you replay the Movie (that desyncs also the movie)
8. Enable "Dump Frames" & "Dump Audio" before you replay the Movie, then replay the Movie
9. Even if you stop the emulation and so finish the Frame & Audio Dumping download the Avisynth Script in this Post, put it in the folder for the dumped frames (use for Audio the dspdump.wav-File)
Pro Tip: You can change the user location in Dolphin to your External Drive with this Tutorial:
10. Edit your script in AvsPmod, for example when the Game runs in 50hz use the command "ChangeFPS" and then "(50)" and then encode it in MeGUI

Finish! You can finally upload GameCube Longplays recorded from Dolphin 5.0 and so can this Emulator be used as a perfect alternative for recording from console, especially for european longplayers their GameCube consoles doesn't support Progressive Scan thorugh Component Cable.

Dolphin Emulator Download:

Avisynth script:

Test Longplay with Mega Man 1 on Mega Man Anniversary Collection:
Edited by Mariofan98 on 05-02-2020 08:24
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