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19-10-2020 23:00
@valis77: it cant be because requests in the shoutbox can easily be drowned out to where people that would actually want to do the requests put only in shoutbox might not see them

19-10-2020 15:01
Yeah, much more serious than the shoutbox, but you know how today's youth behave.

19-10-2020 13:42
It should be but whatever, that's where FORUMS are for, Mortals.

16-10-2020 12:56
@Verlorean500: the shoutbox isnt for requesting longplays

16-10-2020 12:55
Nintendo DS: Disney Princess Magical Jewels.

15-10-2020 19:49
There are other games you might want to do for us. One of them is Kid Chameleon, there was a pending submission that was eventually rejected.

15-10-2020 15:16
If the game already played and being recorded, does this means that I don't duplicate the longplay video game video that I copied?

14-10-2020 21:31
Reupload Intellvision longplays, please!! Shock

14-10-2020 19:14
@WWECLMAN: I sent you a PM answering your question.

14-10-2020 13:57
Why the longplays deleted my posts? If Spider-Man VS The Kingpin, Punk Shot and WWF Superwrestlemania?

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Started: 01.02.18

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A longplay is a play-through of a computer or video game, created with the intent of completing it as fully as possible, mainly for the purposes of nostalgia, preservation, and possibly as a walkthrough.

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