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17-04-2019 18:14
Thanks @boricuaretrogamer

14-04-2019 07:37
Hi all! My latest longplay (Half-Life) is now online:
lYggtG8N60 Hopefully it won't be too disappointing Wink

12-04-2019 23:40
I was informed that some corrections were needed on my Snow Brothers and Meme Run longplays. I've decided to delete them and rerecord them, so please disregard any previous entries to said titles.

05-04-2019 16:12
Happy birthday (late) xRavenXP! My birthday was on March too. It was on March 6.

05-04-2019 01:41
So, did someone in this website ever get the admin a message sent to him about the expired URL that needs to be fixed so we can get the old .com back or not yet?

04-04-2019 02:25
Believe it or not, I've got the infamous "Meme Run" uploaded. Go look it up; it's crazy!

03-04-2019 07:22
Thanks @Frederikct112. At the end of this month of April 2019, I will be with a super powerful computer and I will be recording modern games here.

29-03-2019 07:03
I've had the AVerMedia GC550 for a while and its been really great. It can record 1080p60FPS.

28-03-2019 22:44
The FFT video is ready, but I will edit it in the coming weeks with my new PC. On console capture, which capture card would be good?

28-03-2019 22:43
Hello friends of World of Longplays, how are you? Soon I will be coming back with new videos, I am at the moment to get a better computer and I was on March 25 enjoying my birthday.

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Started: 01.02.18

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Where are the viewers??
MembersThe site has been pretty quiet (dead?) lately with not much activity on the forums and little to no video comments at all.

Since the site got hacked to bits, reassembled and moved, it has never been the same since. All the login / registration problems didn't help matters but now all that is far behind us what more can be done to get the site active again?

The shoutbox is probably the most active part of the site right now. Many videos are being downloaded, some hundreds of times but we never hear anything back Video comments are quite valuable to longplayers as the feedback can help decide how a longplayer might tackle a future game, or if there is an aspect more attention should have been paid to. The forums used to be very active with game discussions as well as requests.

So I put here to you the longplay downloaders / viewers. What more needs to be done to get you interested in using the site facilities? What can be added to the site to further improve it? Where did we all go wrong causing people to lose interest? We have a Site Suggestion section in the forum to add any ideas you may have or to mention any broken features that may need resolving.
JonL on February 27 2015 12:38:11

As I am one of the regular downloaders, I would not be happy to see longplayers lose interest because of the lack of comments.

It has to be said, though, that downloaders probably have more of a "silent lurker" profile than people who watch youtube videos (those fall in the opposite category, the "compulsive comment trolls"Wink.

More than once I wanted to thank the longplayer for his/her work, but ended up being lazy. I'll try not to be lazy from now on.

As far as I'm concerned, being able to download lps and leave a comment is all I need. I'm not much of a forum addict.

Please keep up the good work.

Reinc on February 28 2015 03:49:47

I did what I could in terms of commenting but most longplays I have something to say about still don't have an option for comments and ratings enabled.

denis0k on March 02 2015 07:59:27

I just view videos on YT, so i dont comment here. But your site GREAT. Smile Your download option is what makes your site better, than
What need to add to site? I think its normal search options. Not in articles, but in games. Like here:

P.S. Sorry for my bad Engrish)))

Charlieoneeyed on March 07 2015 08:34:59

Hey sorry, I rarely leave comments but this site is amazing, I am literally watching every long play from Oldest to Newest Machine. You should see my Excel Sheet. I'm currently working on SNES. I love every one of these. Thank you, everyone for the site and the work.

godfist314 on March 08 2015 01:13:27

I too almost never leave comments. I guess I'm a lurker?

Anyway my comment for today would be where are more of the classic FPS games like Quake 1+2, Duke Nukem 3D and Half life? (not sure if a LP has been done of Half life). I love those games and definitely would love to see a full lp of at least Quake 1. Yeah you see ok quality walkthroughs on Youtube and tons of speed runs have been done but a moderately paced LP of quake 1 at full quality and 60 fps would be nice.

Also I love how some lp'ers are doing walkthroughs in 1080p! I know the file sizes get pretty big as high quality 720p is already big as they are but...I'm a patient downloader! Smile

I guess I could record an LP of a few tables of Pinball Arcade? I play it TO DEATH every single day and could show most of the objectives in Star Trek TNG and Twlight Zone. However my computer isn't some kind of monster rig for perfect or near perfect quality so I dunno if it's worth it. Sad

orugari on March 12 2015 13:52:41

That is a thing on internet now. So rare are people who are leaving comments. Because need to make an account ? I think since the passion for facebook twitter, internet is now "one and only one account".
Mayba with a "login with facebook" or "comment with facebook" will make it easier.

I am using Disqus on my website, it up a bit more activities.
And a good plus would be a better home page showing latest LP added with an easy comment system. ( I can help for the design and website)

Valis77 on March 12 2015 20:16:00

So many people are joining the site and contributing and us early gamers are slacking.

ArliissonxD on March 18 2015 04:50:28

Ola , Sou Brasileiro e Gostaria de trazer LongPlays do Jogo Guitar Hero ... por?m sou novo aqui e n?o sei como funciona , pe?o humildemente que alguem possa me dar uma Ajuda sobre como fazer os videos e como postar

xRavenXP on March 18 2015 23:04:27

@ArliissonxD Please post in english only. Any question go to our chat!

Spazbo4 on March 19 2015 16:34:31

oh come on raven, you cant google translate? this site should be for all languages

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