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16-09-2019 02:37
Got the Pac-Man 2 games and Tetris & Dr. Mario reuploaded, hopefully the file sizes are more acceptable.

15-09-2019 17:50
I removed it, as "spam" isnt tolerated - no matter what it is!

15-09-2019 13:27
Maybe try to earn you subscribers by making ivdeos? There are no videos on your channel. And this is not a place for yt channel advertising.

11-09-2019 15:13
Part 01-07 as well. It ends early - it is supposed to have over 3 hours and it ends at somewhere around 02:12:00

10-09-2019 13:14
You're right martanius. I'll ask HolyMeatball if he can send the file again.

07-09-2019 11:06
@Frederikct112 Maybe it's archive's fault. But 03-07 have 3.69GB and other parts have way over 10GB. may show the video have 03:37:47 but if you try to jump to for example 01:00:00

04-09-2019 13:23
gonna redownload part 3 to see.

02-09-2019 02:50
Martanius, leave a comment on this longplay's page to make sure that people know about the issue.

01-09-2019 21:19
@martanius what was your file called of DS2? I tested 03-07 and it worked as i skimmed through it.

01-09-2019 21:17

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