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06-04-2020 09:01
Spazbo4, why don't you do a longplay of Disney's Phineas and Ferb (Nintendo DS, 2009)?

05-04-2020 21:31
i only did it once since it was new for platinum but it wasnt hard to figure out

05-04-2020 20:29
@Spazbo4 The first try to longplay it was Blind for me.

05-04-2020 19:53
the distortion world is the easiest part

05-04-2020 17:14
I will try Pokemon Platinum again, but this time with an guide video for Distortion World. Wink

05-04-2020 09:10
@Charly9631 for me QuickSFV works on Windows 10 but i use v2.36

05-04-2020 08:39
So... apparently QuickSFV does not work on Windows 10, since it doesn't have any contextual menu to create an SFV file. Any help on how to create an SFV file on Windows 10?

05-04-2020 02:39
The problem is that it's a game from a series almost nobody has interest in anyway. I'd probably do it but I'm really busy atm.

05-04-2020 01:47
Why did someone request any Nintendo DS Game?

31-03-2020 17:06
SNES & GBA need big updates in the schedule, the latest longplays they are on YT are uploaded here in 2016.

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