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17-04-2019 18:14
Thanks @boricuaretrogamer

14-04-2019 07:37
Hi all! My latest longplay (Half-Life) is now online:
lYggtG8N60 Hopefully it won't be too disappointing Wink

12-04-2019 23:40
I was informed that some corrections were needed on my Snow Brothers and Meme Run longplays. I've decided to delete them and rerecord them, so please disregard any previous entries to said titles.

05-04-2019 16:12
Happy birthday (late) xRavenXP! My birthday was on March too. It was on March 6.

05-04-2019 01:41
So, did someone in this website ever get the admin a message sent to him about the expired URL that needs to be fixed so we can get the old .com back or not yet?

04-04-2019 02:25
Believe it or not, I've got the infamous "Meme Run" uploaded. Go look it up; it's crazy!

03-04-2019 07:22
Thanks @Frederikct112. At the end of this month of April 2019, I will be with a super powerful computer and I will be recording modern games here.

29-03-2019 07:03
I've had the AVerMedia GC550 for a while and its been really great. It can record 1080p60FPS.

28-03-2019 22:44
The FFT video is ready, but I will edit it in the coming weeks with my new PC. On console capture, which capture card would be good?

28-03-2019 22:43
Hello friends of World of Longplays, how are you? Soon I will be coming back with new videos, I am at the moment to get a better computer and I was on March 25 enjoying my birthday.

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Date User System Title Status Approval Status Reason
2019-05-07 Darius320 PlayStation Crash Bash Recording Pending
2019-05-02 Reinc Game Boy World Ice Hockey Encoding Pending
2019-05-02 Reinc Super Nintendo Der Langrisser (Fan Translation) Recording Pending
2019-04-23 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Mortal Kombat 11 Recording Pending
2019-04-23 Tsunao Wii U The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Recording Pending
2019-04-23 Ravenlord PC Turok Recording Pending
2019-04-23 Ravenlord PlayStation 3 Turok Recording Pending
2019-04-23 Tsunao PlayStation 4 Blue Reflection Recording Pending
2019-04-23 DiggerandIndy PlayStation 3 Wheel of Fortune (Sony Version) Recording Pending
2019-04-23 Tsunao PC Valkyria Chronicles 4 Recording Pending
2019-04-23 Ravenlord PlayStation 3 Rise Of the Argonauts Recording Pending
2019-04-22 RickyC Dreamcast Grandia II Uploading(WIP) Pending
2019-04-22 RickyC Xbox The Simpsons: Road Rage Uploading(WIP) Pending
2019-04-22 RickyC Super Nintendo Nickelodeon GUTS Uploading(WIP) Pending
2019-04-21 DiggerandIndy PlayStation 3 Bomberman Ultra Recording Pending
2019-04-21 DiggerandIndy PlayStation 3 Uno Recording Pending
2019-04-20 Charly9631 NES Kamen no Ninja: Hanamaru Uploaded Pending
2019-04-19 HolyMeatball PC Sleeping Dogs Recording Pending
2019-04-19 Spazbo4 Switch Cuphead Uploaded Pending
2019-04-18 HolyMeatball PC Assassin's Creed Odyssey Recording Pending
2019-04-16 Valis77 Super Nintendo Paladin's Quest Resubmitted Pending
2019-04-14 JohnX895 Super Nintendo Kamen Rider SD - Shutsugeki!! Rider Machine Recording Pending
2019-04-14 DiggerandIndy Nintendo 64 Dr. Mario 64 Uploaded Pending
2019-04-14 HolyMeatball PC Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Recording Pending
2019-04-14 DiggerandIndy NES Snow Brothers Uploaded Pending
2019-04-14 Darius320 Nintendo 64 GoldenEye 007 Encoding Pending
2019-04-13 Spazbo4 PC VR Vacation Simulator Recording Pending
2019-04-11 TheVandal172 PlayStation 2 Hitman: Blood Money Encoding Pending
2019-04-09 HolyMeatball PC Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Uploaded Pending
2019-04-07 RickyC Xbox Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2 Uploading(WIP) Pending
2019-04-06 RickyC PlayStation 2 Friends: The One with All the Trivia Uploading(WIP) Pending
2019-04-05 Darius320 Nintendo 64 007: The World is Not Enough Recording Pending
2019-04-02 JohnX895 NES Ferrari - Grand Prix Challenge Recording Pending
2019-04-02 Reinc Game Boy Konamic Ice Hockey Recording Pending
2019-04-02 Reinc NES Konamic Ice Hockey Recording Pending
2019-04-01 JohnX895 Game Gear Kawasaki Superbike Challenge Recording Pending
2019-04-01 HolyMeatball PC Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Uploaded Pending
2019-03-31 TheVandal172 PlayStation 2 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Recording Pending
2019-03-30 TheVandal172 PlayStation 2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Recording Pending
2019-03-30 TheVandal172 Nintendo 64 Goemon's Great Adventure (2P) Recording Pending
2019-03-29 Spazbo4 PC VR Duck Season Recording Pending
2019-03-27 az201401 PC Bridge To Another World 6 - Gulliver Syndrome Recording Pending
2019-03-26 Spazbo4 Switch Golf Peaks Uploaded Pending
2019-03-25 Spazbo4 PC VR The American Dream Uploaded Pending
2019-03-20 Spazbo4 PC VR Beat Saber Uploaded Pending
2019-03-18 RickyC PlayStation 2 Chaos Legion Recording Pending
2019-03-16 Spazbo4 PC Overgrowth Uploaded Pending
2019-03-06 JagOfTroy PC Hitman: Contracts Recording Pending
2019-03-06 JagOfTroy PC OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Recording Pending
2019-03-03 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Dead or Alive 6 Uploaded Pending
2019-03-03 Spazbo4 PlayStation 3 Biohazard 4 Uploaded Pending
2019-02-23 xRavenXP Game Boy Advance Mother 3 Recording Pending
2019-02-09 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Soul Calibur VI Uploaded Pending
2019-02-05 xRavenXP Game Boy Advance Boktai II - Solar Boy Django Recording Pending
2019-02-05 xRavenXP PlayStation Final Fantasy Tactics Recording Pending
2019-01-29 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Kingdom Hearts III Uploaded Pending
2019-01-16 Mrnobody312 PC No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way Uploaded Pending
2019-01-15 Spazbo4 Xbox The Suffering: Ties That Bind Uploaded Pending
2019-01-05 Mrnobody312 PC Contract J.A.C.K. Uploaded Pending
2019-01-03 JayTC PC Jazz Jackrabbit Recording Pending
2018-12-24 AFigureInBlack PC System Shock 2 Recording Pending
2018-12-07 Spazbo4 Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate Uploaded Pending
2018-11-28 Spazbo4 Xbox 360 Big Bumpin' Uploaded Pending
2018-11-27 Spazbo4 Xbox Big Bumpin' Uploaded Pending
2018-11-14 Spazbo4 Switch Grip: Combat Racing Uploaded Pending
2018-11-13 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Spyro: Reignited Trilogy Uploaded Pending
2018-11-01 Spazbo4 PC Deltarune Uploaded Pending
2018-10-28 AFigureInBlack PC System Shock: Enhanced Edition Uploaded Approved
2018-10-25 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Red Dead Redemption 2 Uploaded Pending
2018-10-19 Spazbo4 Switch Dark Souls: Remastered Uploaded Pending
2018-10-15 Spazbo4 Nintendo 64 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Uploaded Pending
2018-10-15 Spazbo4 Nintendo 64 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Uploaded Pending
2018-10-08 Spazbo4 PlayStation Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Uploaded Pending
2018-09-14 Spazbo4 XBox One Shadow of the Tomb Raider Uploaded Pending
2018-09-14 Spazbo4 XBox One FarCry 5 Uploaded Pending
2018-08-13 Spazbo4 Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Ultra Sun Uploaded Pending
2018-08-13 Spazbo4 Switch Mario Tennis Aces Uploaded Pending
2018-08-13 Spazbo4 PlayStation 3 Dark Souls Uploaded Pending
2018-08-13 Spazbo4 XBox One Batman: The Enemy Within Uploaded Pending
2018-08-13 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Dark Souls Remastered Uploaded Pending
2018-08-13 Spazbo4 XBox One The Evil Within 2 Uploaded Pending
2018-08-13 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Call of Duty Black Ops III Uploaded Pending
2018-05-02 Spazbo4 XBox One Batman: Arkham Knight Uploaded Pending