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17-06-2019 06:38
My mistake on that. I'll fix during this week.

17-06-2019 05:51
Yup, what Spazbo4 said.

17-06-2019 05:03
looks like there is supposed to be 7 parts but only 3 are on the archive and is missing 16 hours

16-06-2019 11:57

15-06-2019 18:32
Hey, what happened to the other four parts of the Dark Souls 2 longplay? Smile

15-06-2019 18:17
then use a vpn

12-06-2019 23:10
Hello everyone. As unfortunate as it sounds only 3 of 4 videos of Watch Dogs 2 is avaliable the 1st part got Copyright Claim by Warner Music Group and it's blocked in my country

08-06-2019 05:48

07-06-2019 02:56
hello! i'm new here! Smile

04-06-2019 09:10
You could try joining the IIRC chat and one of us could explain it to you rather than using the shoutbox.

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Release Schedule

Below you can find all longplays that have been completed and have been scheduled to be added to YouTube.

YouTube Date User System Title
2019-06-17 ScHlAuChi Arcade P-47: The Phantom Fighter
2019-06-17 ScHlAuChi Arcade P-47: Aces
2019-06-18 ScHlAuChi Arcade Surprise Attack
2019-06-18 ScHlAuChi Arcade Super Ranger
2019-06-19 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Daiku no Gen-san: Ghost Building Company
2019-06-19 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Daiku no Gen-san: Robot Teikoku no Yabou
2019-06-20 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Chase H.Q.
2019-06-20 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Hokuto no Ken: Seizetsu Juuban Shoubu
2019-06-21 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Ganso!! Yancha Maru
2019-06-21 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Dirty Racing
2019-06-22 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Kamen Rider SD: Hashire! Mighty Riders
2019-06-22 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Hero Shuugou!! Pinball Party
2019-06-23 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Capcom Quiz: Hatena no Daibouken
2019-06-23 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Un Indien dans la Ville
2019-06-24 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Dead Heat Scramble
2019-06-24 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Money Idol Exchanger
2019-06-25 JagOfTroy Game Boy Bionic Commando
2019-06-25 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Lock 'n' Chase
2019-06-26 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Kuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy: Kuusou Kagaku Puzzle Purittopon!!
2019-06-26 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Lamborghini American Challenge
2019-06-27 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
2019-06-27 ScHlAuChi Game Boy The Amazing Spider-Man
2019-06-28 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Asterix & Obelix
2019-06-28 ScHlAuChi Game Boy The Getaway
2019-06-29 Valis77 Saturn Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus
2019-06-29 Valis77 Saturn Gradius Deluxe Pack
2019-06-30 NPI Saturn Wolf Fang: Kuhga 2001 SS
2019-06-30 MadMatty Saturn Night Striker S
2019-07-01 MadMatty Saturn Gale Racer
2019-07-01 NPI Saturn Terra Cresta 3D
2019-07-02 NPI Saturn Blast Wind
2019-07-02 Darius320 Saturn Earthworm Jim 2
2019-07-03 Valis77 Saturn Sexy Parodius
2019-07-04 Eric-119 Atari Lynx Baseball Heroes
2019-07-04 JohnX895 SG-1000 Zippy Race
2019-07-05 JohnX895 SG-1000 Orguss
2019-07-05 JohnX895 SG-1000 Zoom 909
2019-07-06 JohnX895 SG-1000 Star Jacker
2019-07-06 JohnX895 SG-1000 Star Force
2019-07-07 JohnX895 SG-1000 Safari Race
2019-07-07 JohnX895 SG-1000 Space Slalom
2019-07-08 JohnX895 SG-1000 Yie Ar Kung-Fu
2019-07-08 JohnX895 SG-1000 Hang On II
2019-07-09 JohnX895 SG-1000 Monaco GP
2019-07-09 JohnX895 SG-1000 Magical Tree (Unlicensed)
2019-07-10 Segafan Game Boy Color WWF Betrayal
2019-07-10 Segafan Game Boy Color Papyrus
2019-07-11 NPI Game Boy Color Resident Evil Gaiden
2019-07-11 Reinc Game Boy Color Worms Armageddon
2019-07-12 NPI Game Boy Color Taxi 3
2019-07-12 NPI Game Boy Color Taxi 2
2019-07-13 NPI Game Boy Color Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
2019-07-13 Mariofan98 Game Boy Color Mario Golf
2019-07-14 Mariofan98 Game Boy Color The Grinch
2019-07-14 xRavenXP Game Boy Color Blade
2019-07-15 Mariofan98 Game Boy Color Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space (Unlicensed)
2019-07-15 NPI Game Boy Color Card Captor Sakura: Tomoeda Shougakkou Daiundoukai
2019-07-16 RickyC Game Boy Color Action Man: Search for Base X
2019-07-16 RickyC Game Boy Color Asteroids
2019-07-17 RickyC Game Boy Color *NSYNC: Get to the Show
2019-07-17 NPI Game Boy Color The Adventures of the Smurfs
2019-07-18 NPI Game Boy Color Antz
2019-07-18 NPI Game Boy Color The Flintstones: Burgertime in Bedrock
2019-07-19 NPI Game Boy Color Antz Racing
2019-07-19 NPI Game Boy Color Antz World Sportz
2019-07-20 Lemmy556 Master System Dragon Crystal
2019-07-20 Lemmy556 Master System Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators
2019-07-21 Lemmy556 Master System Quest for the Shaven Yak Starring Ren Hoek and Stimpy
2019-07-21 ScHlAuChi Master System Agigongnyong Dooly (Unlicensed)
2019-07-22 ScHlAuChi Master System Astro Flash
2019-07-22 ScHlAuChi Master System Alien Storm
2019-07-23 Lemmy556 Master System The Incredible Crash Dummies
2019-07-23 Lemmy556 Master System Shanghai
2019-07-24 Lemmy556 Master System Ghost House
2019-07-24 Lemmy556 Master System Tom and Jerry: The Movie
2019-07-25 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Bubble +
2019-07-25 NPI Amiga 500 Oliver and Company
2019-07-26 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Yogi Bear & Friends in: The Greed Monster
2019-07-26 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Yogi's Big Clean Up
2019-07-27 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Yogi's Great Escape
2019-07-27 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats
2019-07-28 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Pixie and Dixie
2019-07-28 NPI Amiga 500 Tiny Troops
2019-07-29 MadMatty Atari 2600 Ghostbusters
2019-07-29 georgc3 Atari 2600 Halloween
2019-07-30 MadMatty Atari 2600 Starmaster
2019-07-30 RickyC Atari 2600 Jawbreaker
2019-07-31 RickyC Atari 2600 Private Eye
2019-07-31 MadMatty 32X Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
2019-08-01 AFigureInBlack PC Crystals Of Arborea
2019-08-01 AFigureInBlack PC King's Quest
2019-08-02 Spazbo4 PC Action Henk
2019-08-02 AFigureInBlack PC Mean Streets
2019-08-03 Ravenlord PC Soul Gambler
2019-08-03 JagOfTroy PC Tharsis
2019-08-04 mihaibest PC 007: Quantum of Solace
2019-08-04 AFigureInBlack PC Amerzone
2019-08-05 Eric-119 PC Major Stryker
2019-08-05 RickyC PC Bayonetta
2019-08-06 Spazbo4 PC Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
2019-08-06 mihaibest PC The Crew
2019-08-07 Spazbo4 PC Outlast 2
2019-08-07 Ravenlord PC Enclave
2019-08-08 Valis77 PC Final Fantasy III
2019-08-08 Eric-119 PC Dangerous Dave
2019-08-09 RickyC PC Final Fantasy X HD Remaster
2019-08-09 Spazbo4 PC Tekken 7
2019-08-10 RickyC PC Rez Infinite
2019-08-10 Ravenlord PC Lego: The Lord of The Rings
2019-08-11 Spazbo4 PC Cuphead
2019-08-11 mihaibest PC Need For Speed 2015
2019-08-12 Spazbo4 PC Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy
2019-08-12 Spazbo4 PC The Evil Within 2
2019-08-13 NPI PC Shadow Bug
2019-08-13 stefix99 PC Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter
2019-08-14 Ravenlord PC Lionessy Story
2019-08-14 NPI PC Ayo: A Rain Tale
2019-08-15 Jumper1k PC Jetpack
2019-08-15 Jumper1k PC Manic Miner