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22-08-2019 20:49
Pfft hi

22-08-2019 20:49

21-08-2019 20:19
@Spazbo4: 10 views? Even more pathetic... I'm going to laugh a lot! XD

21-08-2019 17:39
no he cant make money off videos with 10 views or less for each

20-08-2019 17:29
Admin should somehow take down those videos because he's probably making money out of our videos.

20-08-2019 16:16
@Charly9631: I checked the channel and the guy has other 'longplays' stolen from this site.

20-08-2019 15:11
Jf4IapyBRI Somebody stole a longplay from here and put it as his video on his channel.

19-08-2019 14:31
Got it. I assume it's under maintenence right now, so I'll try to get on it now and then.

19-08-2019 06:18
just keep checking on it every once in a while

17-08-2019 23:20
I tried to connect to FileZilla to upload a game like always and it keeps not connecting to the server. Is there some maintenence going on that I'm not aware of?

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Release Schedule

Below you can find all longplays that have been completed and have been scheduled to be added to YouTube.

YouTube Date User System Title
2019-08-24 Darius320 PlayStation Gex
2019-08-24 NPI PlayStation Floating Runner: Quest for the 7 Crystals
2019-08-25 Darius320 PlayStation Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
2019-08-25 Darius320 PlayStation Gex: Enter the Gecko
2019-08-26 MadMatty PlayStation F1 Championship Season 2000
2019-08-26 MadMatty PlayStation Formula One 2001
2019-08-27 Spazbo4 PlayStation Hot Shots Golf 2
2019-08-27 TheVandal172 PlayStation Syphon Filter 2
2019-08-28 NPI PlayStation Bomb Boat
2019-08-28 MadMatty PlayStation Hybrid
2019-08-29 MadMatty PlayStation Shockwave Assault
2019-08-30 MadMatty PlayStation C-12 Final Resistance
2019-08-30 RickyC PlayStation Pandemonium 2
2019-08-31 MadMatty PlayStation Psychic Detective
2019-08-31 RickyC PlayStation Spider: The Video Game
2019-09-02 georgc3 Arcade Dragon Buster
2019-09-02 georgc3 Arcade Karate Champ (a)
2019-09-03 georgc3 Arcade Kung-Fu Master
2019-09-03 georgc3 Arcade Pac-Land
2019-09-04 Valis77 Arcade Salamander 2
2019-09-04 georgc3 Arcade Paperboy
2019-09-05 georgc3 Arcade Super Punch-Out
2019-09-05 georgc3 Arcade Tower of Druaga
2019-09-06 ScHlAuChi Arcade Air Assault
2019-09-06 ScHlAuChi Arcade Alpine Ski
2019-09-07 ScHlAuChi Arcade Champion Pro Wrestling
2019-09-07 ScHlAuChi Arcade Champion Boxing
2019-09-08 ScHlAuChi Arcade Bank Panic
2019-09-08 ScHlAuChi Arcade Akkanbeder
2019-09-09 ScHlAuChi Arcade Burger Time
2019-09-09 ScHlAuChi Arcade Time Soldiers
2019-09-10 ScHlAuChi Arcade Eagle Shot Golf
2019-09-10 ScHlAuChi Arcade Bang Bang Ball
2019-09-11 ScHlAuChi Arcade Dream World
2019-09-11 ScHlAuChi Arcade Night Star
2019-09-12 Reinc Super Nintendo Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament
2019-09-12 Kage Negra Super Nintendo Gradius 3
2019-09-13 JohnX895 Super Nintendo Super Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Meshika - Genchou Hishi
2019-09-13 Reinc Super Nintendo MechWarrior 3050
2019-09-14 JohnX895 Super Nintendo Galaxy Wars
2019-09-14 JohnX895 Super Nintendo Genghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf
2019-09-15 xRavenXP Super Nintendo Umihara Kawase (Fan Translation)
2019-09-15 JohnX895 Super Nintendo Spriggan Powered
2019-09-16 Reinc Super Nintendo Time Trax
2019-09-16 Roja Calor Super Nintendo Picross NP Vol. 1
2019-09-17 Reinc Mega Drive / Genesis The Humans
2019-09-17 Conglomera Mega Drive / Genesis Landstalker
2019-09-18 JagOfTroy Mega Drive / Genesis Monopoly
2019-09-18 JagOfTroy Mega Drive / Genesis Aerobiz
2019-09-19 Amy Rose Mega Drive / Genesis Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist
2019-09-19 JagOfTroy Mega Drive / Genesis Aerobiz Supersonic
2019-09-20 Amy Rose Mega Drive / Genesis Garfield: Caught in the Act
2019-09-20 Amy Rose Mega Drive / Genesis Rolo to the Rescue
2019-09-21 Reinc Mega Drive / Genesis Worms
2019-09-21 Reinc Mega Drive / Genesis Onslaught
2019-09-22 JohnX895 NES Buggy Popper
2019-09-22 az201401 NES Super Bros 10 Kung Fu Mari (Unlicensed)
2019-09-23 JohnX895 NES Front Line
2019-09-23 Valis77 NES Spy Hunter
2019-09-24 JagOfTroy NES Super Team Games
2019-09-24 JagOfTroy NES Stadium Events
2019-09-25 JohnX895 NES EarthWorm Jim 2 (Unlicensed)
2019-09-25 JohnX895 NES Demon Sword
2019-09-26 Amy Rose NES The Incredible Crash Dummies
2019-09-26 JohnX895 NES EarthWorm Jim 3 (Unlicensed)
2019-09-27 JohnX895 NES Super Aladdin (Unlicensed)
2019-09-27 JohnX895 NES Titanic (NJ031) (Unlicensed)
2019-09-28 JohnX895 NES Felix the Cat by Dragon Co (Unlicensed)
2019-09-28 JohnX895 NES Tom Sawyer no Bouken
2019-09-29 JohnX895 NES Disney's Aladdin (Unlicensed)
2019-09-29 JohnX895 NES Aladdin 2 (Unlicensed)
2019-09-30 Tsunao NES 8 Eyes
2019-09-30 JagOfTroy NES Dusty Diamonds All-Star Softball
2019-10-01 JohnX895 NES Final Fight 3 (Unlicensed)
2019-10-01 Amy Rose NES Idol Hakkenden
2019-10-02 Lemmy556 Master System Chapolim x Dracula - Um Duelo Assustador
2019-10-02 Lemmy556 Master System Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
2019-10-03 ScHlAuChi Master System Prince of Persia
2019-10-03 MadMatty Master System Super Smash TV
2019-10-04 Segafan Master System Comical Machinegun Joe
2019-10-04 Segafan Master System Secret Commando
2019-10-05 JohnX895 Master System Batman Returns
2019-10-05 JagOfTroy Master System Renegade
2019-10-06 Reinc Master System Micro Machines
2019-10-06 Reinc Master System Daffy Duck in Hollywood
2019-10-07 NPI Amiga 500 Fast Food
2019-10-07 NPI Amiga 500 Treasure Island Dizzy
2019-10-08 NPI Amiga 500 Magicland Dizzy
2019-10-08 NPI Amiga 500 Fantasy World Dizzy
2019-10-09 NPI Amiga 500 Kwik Snax
2019-10-09 NPI Amiga 500 Panic Dizzy
2019-10-10 NPI Amiga 500 Bubble Dizzy
2019-10-10 NPI Amiga 500 Spellbound Dizzy
2019-10-11 NPI Amiga 500 Prince of the Yolkfolk Dizzy
2019-10-11 NPI Amiga 500 Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
2019-10-12 NPI Amiga 500 Fantastic Dizzy
2019-10-12 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Hong Kong Phooey
2019-10-13 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Dracula Densetsu II
2019-10-13 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Dracula Densetsu
2019-10-14 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Akumajou Dracula: Shikkokutaru Zensoukyoku
2019-10-14 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun
2019-10-15 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Missile Command
2019-10-15 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Looney Tunes
2019-10-16 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Lunar Lander
2019-10-16 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Lucky Monkey
2019-10-17 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Batman: The Animated Series
2019-10-17 ScHlAuChi Game Boy Mickey's Ultimate Challenge
2019-10-18 Mariofan98 Game Boy Snoopy's Magic Show
2019-10-18 Reinc Game Boy Lemmings
2019-10-19 Mariofan98 Game Boy Speedy Gonzales
2019-10-19 Reinc Game Boy Taz-Mania
2019-10-20 Reinc Game Boy Taz-Mania 2
2019-10-20 RickyC Game Boy Castelian
2019-10-21 RickyC Game Boy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
2019-10-21 RickyC Game Boy Superman
2019-10-22 RickyC Game Boy Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament
2019-10-22 RickyC Game Boy Cliffhanger
2019-10-23 Reinc Game Gear Lemmings 2: The Tribes (Prototype)
2019-10-23 Reinc Game Gear Dynamite Headdy
2019-10-24 Reinc Game Gear Dynamte Headdy (a)
2019-10-24 Reinc Game Gear Batman Forever
2019-10-25 Reinc Game Gear Paperboy
2019-10-25 Reinc Game Gear Paperboy II
2019-10-26 Reinc Game Gear The Berenstain Bears' Camping Adventure
2019-10-26 Reinc Game Gear The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man
2019-10-27 Reinc Game Gear Dunk Kids
2019-10-27 Reinc Game Gear Gamble Panic
2019-10-28 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Power Drift
2019-10-28 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Top Gun
2019-10-29 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Star Wars
2019-10-29 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Empire Strikes Back
2019-10-30 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Return of the Jedi
2019-10-30 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Star Farce
2019-10-31 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Ghostbusters II
2019-10-31 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Predator
2019-11-01 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Wonder Boy
2019-11-01 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Chronos: A Tapestry of Time
2019-11-02 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Paperboy 2
2019-11-02 MadMatty ZX Spectrum Paperboy
2019-11-03 JonL PC Delver
2019-11-03 HolyMeatball PC Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
2019-11-04 Tsunao PC Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
2019-11-04 Tsunao PC Valkyria Chronicles 4
2019-11-05 Spazbo4 PC Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy
2019-11-05 RickyC PC Onimusha: Warlords
2019-11-06 RickyC PC Dead Cells
2019-11-06 Spazbo4 PC Resident Evil 2
2019-11-07 Frederikct112 PC Vampyr
2019-11-07 AFigureInBlack PC System Shock: Enhanced Edition
2019-11-08 Spazbo4 PC Hello Neighbor
2019-11-08 HolyMeatball PC Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
2019-11-09 JagOfTroy PC Just Cause
2019-11-09 JagOfTroy PC Code-Name: ICEMAN
2019-11-10 kireev20000 PC The King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match
2019-11-10 kireev20000 PC The King of Fighters 2002 Ultimate Match
2019-11-11 kireev20000 PC The Last Blade
2019-11-11 Spazbo4 PC The Typing of the Dead
2019-11-12 Spazbo4 PC Hunt Down The Freeman
2019-11-12 RickyC PC Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition
2019-11-13 MadMatty PC Eschatos
2019-11-13 RickyC PC Fable Anniversary
2019-11-14 RickyC PC Dragon Ball FighterZ
2019-11-14 MadMatty PC Brix
2019-11-15 NPI PC Serious Sam Double D XXL
2019-11-15 NPI PC Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
2019-11-16 NPI PC Serious Sams Bogus Detour
2019-11-16 Ravenlord PC Tomb Raider: Underworld
2019-11-17 Ravenlord PC Darkestville Castle
2019-11-17 Ravenlord PC Dark Romance: The Swan Sonata (Collector's Edition)