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17-04-2019 18:14
Thanks @boricuaretrogamer

14-04-2019 07:37
Hi all! My latest longplay (Half-Life) is now online:
lYggtG8N60 Hopefully it won't be too disappointing Wink

12-04-2019 23:40
I was informed that some corrections were needed on my Snow Brothers and Meme Run longplays. I've decided to delete them and rerecord them, so please disregard any previous entries to said titles.

05-04-2019 16:12
Happy birthday (late) xRavenXP! My birthday was on March too. It was on March 6.

05-04-2019 01:41
So, did someone in this website ever get the admin a message sent to him about the expired URL that needs to be fixed so we can get the old .com back or not yet?

04-04-2019 02:25
Believe it or not, I've got the infamous "Meme Run" uploaded. Go look it up; it's crazy!

03-04-2019 07:22
Thanks @Frederikct112. At the end of this month of April 2019, I will be with a super powerful computer and I will be recording modern games here.

29-03-2019 07:03
I've had the AVerMedia GC550 for a while and its been really great. It can record 1080p60FPS.

28-03-2019 22:44
The FFT video is ready, but I will edit it in the coming weeks with my new PC. On console capture, which capture card would be good?

28-03-2019 22:43
Hello friends of World of Longplays, how are you? Soon I will be coming back with new videos, I am at the moment to get a better computer and I was on March 25 enjoying my birthday.

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Release Schedule

Below you can find all longplays that have been completed and have been scheduled to be added to YouTube.

YouTube Date User System Title
2019-04-24 ScHlAuChi Arcade Cookie & Bibi 2
2019-04-24 ScHlAuChi Arcade Cookie & Bibi
2019-04-25 ScHlAuChi Arcade Cookie & Bibi 3
2019-04-25 ScHlAuChi Arcade Puzzle De Pon R
2019-04-26 ScHlAuChi Arcade Rapid Hero
2019-04-26 ScHlAuChi Arcade Zupapa
2019-04-27 ScHlAuChi Arcade The Berlin Wall
2019-04-27 ScHlAuChi Arcade The Game Paradise: Master Of Shooting
2019-04-28 ScHlAuChi Arcade Pirate Ship Higemaru
2019-04-28 ScHlAuChi Arcade Spider-Man: The Videogame
2019-04-29 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Gem'X
2019-04-29 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Sooty and Sweep's Fun with Numbers
2019-04-30 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Sooty and Sweep
2019-04-30 Ironclaw Amiga 500 Sooty Paint
2019-05-01 orugari Super Nintendo Spirou
2019-05-01 JohnX895 Super Nintendo Ms. Pac-Man
2019-05-02 Amy Rose Super Nintendo Aero The Acro-Bat 2
2019-05-02 xRavenXP Super Nintendo Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
2019-05-03 Amy Rose Super Nintendo Virtual Bart
2019-05-03 Amy Rose Super Nintendo Battle Grand Prix
2019-05-04 ScHlAuChi Super Nintendo Mr. Do!
2019-05-04 xRavenXP Super Nintendo Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (a)
2019-05-05 Reinc Super Nintendo Micro Machines
2019-05-05 MadMatty Super Nintendo Clock Tower: The First Fear (Fan Translation)
2019-05-06 xRavenXP Mega Drive / Genesis Show do Milhao
2019-05-06 JagOfTroy Mega Drive / Genesis Summer Challenge
2019-05-07 MadMatty Mega Drive / Genesis Terminator 2: Judgment Day
2019-05-07 TheVandal172 Mega Drive / Genesis Show do Milhao Volume 2
2019-05-08 Reinc Mega Drive / Genesis Warsong
2019-05-08 Reinc Mega Drive / Genesis Langrisser
2019-05-09 ScHlAuChi Mega Drive / Genesis Thunder Force II
2019-05-09 JohnX895 Mega Drive / Genesis Pac-Mania
2019-05-10 Reinc Mega Drive / Genesis Tyrants: Fight Through Time
2019-05-10 Reinc Mega Drive / Genesis Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
2019-05-11 NPI PlayStation Dracula: The Ressurection
2019-05-11 NPI PlayStation Dracula: The Last Sanctuary
2019-05-12 MadMatty PlayStation Night Raid
2019-05-12 NPI PlayStation GaiaSeed: Project Seed Trap
2019-05-13 MadMatty PlayStation Fear Effect 2 - Retro Helix
2019-05-13 NPI PlayStation Alfred Chicken
2019-05-14 TheVandal172 PlayStation Street Fighter Collection
2019-05-14 MadMatty PlayStation Test Drive Off-Road
2019-05-15 JagOfTroy NES Decathlon (Unlicensed)
2019-05-15 Reinc NES Lemmings
2019-05-16 JohnX895 NES Jajamaru no Daibouken (Fan Translation)
2019-05-16 NPI NES Tetsuwan Atom
2019-05-17 JohnX895 NES Moero TwinBee - Cinnamon Hakase wo Sukue!
2019-05-17 JohnX895 NES Seicross
2019-05-18 JohnX895 NES Max Warrior - Wakusei Kaigenrei
2019-05-18 JohnX895 NES Chackā€™n Pop
2019-05-19 Mariofan98 NES Super Mario Bros. 6 (Unlicensed)
2019-05-19 Azul Fria NES Track & Field
2019-05-20 JagOfTroy NES Ai Senshi Nicol (a)
2019-05-20 Roja Calor NES Millipede
2019-05-21 JohnX895 NES Binary Land
2019-05-21 JohnX895 NES Formation Z
2019-05-22 JohnX895 NES Mappy
2019-05-22 JagOfTroy NES Pizza Pop!
2019-05-23 Valis77 NES VS. Super Mario Brothers (Unlicensed)
2019-05-23 JohnX895 NES Lu Ye Xian Zong (Unlicensed) (Fan Translation)
2019-05-24 az201401 NES Chip to Dale no Daisakusen 2
2019-05-24 Reinc NES Micro Machines (Unlicensed)
2019-05-25 mihaibest PC Canabalt HD
2019-05-25 Demon of Elru PC Conquest of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood
2019-05-26 Ravenlord PC Fairy Tale About Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya
2019-05-26 Eino PC Stunts
2019-05-27 Ravenlord PC King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!
2019-05-27 Spazbo4 PC Dead Rising
2019-05-28 Ravenlord PC Pat & Mat
2019-05-28 Ravenlord PC King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
2019-05-29 JagOfTroy PC RPG Tycoon
2019-05-29 Tsunao PC Armed Seven
2019-05-30 JagOfTroy PC Nidhogg
2019-05-30 JagOfTroy PC March of the Living
2019-05-31 JagOfTroy PC This War of Mine: The Little Ones
2019-05-31 JagOfTroy PC Painters Guild
2019-06-01 JagOfTroy PC Link
2019-06-01 Spazbo4 PC Clustertruck
2019-06-02 Eino PC Rampart
2019-06-02 Eino PC Supercars International
2019-06-03 georgc3 PC Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns
2019-06-03 Ravenlord PC King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride
2019-06-04 Spazbo4 PC Double Dragon Neon (2P)
2019-06-04 RickyC PC Bloody Trapland
2019-06-05 AFigureInBlack PC Dragonsphere
2019-06-05 NPI PC Dracula: The Resurrection
2019-06-06 AFigureInBlack PC Martian Memorandum
2019-06-06 Valis77 PC Muri
2019-06-07 AFigureInBlack PC Softporn Adventure
2019-06-07 Spazbo4 PC Titanfall 2
2019-06-08 Spazbo4 PC Battlefield 1
2019-06-08 Tsunao PC Mighty Gunvolt
2019-06-09 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Bioshock The Collection: Bioshock 2 Remastered
2019-06-09 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Bioshock The Collection: Bioshock Remastered
2019-06-10 Spazbo4 PlayStation 4 Bioshock The Collection: Bioshock Infinite